About Us

Vintage Trimming, Founded more than 10 years ago is appreciated for its made in Turkish quality combining experience and innovation.
Vintage Trimming is a well-known and experienced trim manufacturer based in TEKIRDAG/WEST TURKEY.

Vintage Trimming, which makes different kinds of trims  such pathces , hangtags, printed fabrics labels, heat Labels , rubber labels, metal trims , sew on  buttons  from conventional to most advanced ones with over 50 employees, is the main trim supplier of the well-known global brands for many years.

The Company is articulated so as to have a strict control on all production steps from raw material supplying through production including quality control and washing tests department. At Vintage Trimming we test and customize our products according to the specific client’s requests to create tailor-made stylistic proposals. Highly flexible production and the ability to respond quickly to customer needs. These are core values in our daily work.

We are located all round the globe to be close to our customers. When innovative products are needed to make life and the production of handcrafts simply easier and more attractive, then we are the competent partners for you.