Trims are the direct link to the brand as they reflect both the quality of the product and the personality of the brand. We do not just add various trims to products, instead, we seek to tell a brand story.


Taking advantage of our owned tannery has a history of more than 30 years of producing the finest end product, which makes us your ideal partner for leather labels, shoes, bags, belts, handmade leather products and so on.

Leather Labels

Special treatments and our new sustainable “RD Vegetable Tanning” allow our leather labels to be washed in water with a minimum shrinkage, without spotting or fading and without bleeding. Leather Labels does a better job when treated perfectly, being suitable for garments that must be home-washed.

Fake Materials

Fake leather material offers an endless colours, textures, makeup but our main achievement is the bio fake, a biodegradable material having all needed certificates to meet with the most demanding customer.

Woven Labels

An eye-catching label can be achieved through traditional weaving techniques, using looms and yarns able to create unique products


The hangtag summarises the brands style and image, using fine-quality paper and refined textiles.


A variety of patches with transfers in plastic, cotton and technical materials, from hand-made Turkish embroidery to leather, technical fabric, high frequency and silicone


Metal accessories are the basis of our production scale. We can list this scale in two headings according to the markets we are supplier of.

Sew-On Buttons

Our buttons are made from natural materials such as wood, shell, corozo, horn, coconut, urea, bone, wooden, cotton and leather…


Packaging is turned into a design object that goes beyond mere function. Shoppers, bags, boxes and hangers provide creative packaging solutions designed to highlight the brand image and enhance the clothing items and accessories.

More Trims Accessories

Achieving successful and fast fashion implementations as well as strategic flexibility requires an automatic data transfer in a structured and secure IT environment.