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25 May 2022



Recycle Woven Labels or Organic Woven Labels?

Are you aware of recycled labels from the woven labels we produce using recycled yarns? There are now. We produce woven labels, one of our premium products, using recycled yarns. We are with you with our latest technology machines and stylishly designed woven labels. As with all of our labels, our woven labels, organic labels, have a superior quality structure. By using recycled yarns, we prevent waste and ensure sustainability.

What Are Recycled Woven Labels and How Are They Made?

Recycled recycled labels woven labels are woven labels made from recycled yarns. It is woven with superior quality workmanship in our state-of-the-art machines. Our woven labels feature premium quality material. In this way, it shows long-term resistance to washing and ambient conditions. At Vintage Trimmings, we respect nature. For this reason, we are increasing our recycled yarn usage day by day. With labels made of recycled organic labels and yarns, we prevent waste and obtain more sustainable methods.

Recycled Woven Labels or Organic Woven Labels?

The recycled yarns we use in our woven labels are 100% polyester. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of the amount of polyester released into the nature. If you wish, we can provide you with information about where and from which material the yarns using organic labels are produced. With our environmentally friendly products, an existing resource is used without the need to create a new resource. In this way, we can prevent waste and reduce the amount of plastic released into nature. You can contact our company for more information.

What Are Our Ethical Values As Vintage Trimmings?

As a company, we are advancing on the concept of “reliability”. We prioritize our reliability to our employees and customers. Then, we reflect our years of experience in the sector to our products. We strive to offer top quality products at the most affordable prices. We closely follow the technology in our sector and adapt the developments in this field to our company. We are developing day by day with the number of our customers increasing day by day. We supply the world’s textile giants and continue to improve ourselves.

You can contact us and get a quote for woven label samples produced from recycled recycled labels yarns. You can browse our website for our other products.