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25 May 2022



What are the Points to Consider When Using Cardboard Labels?

As Vintage Trimmings, we supply labels to famous brands. Among the labels we produce; leather labels, PU labels, woven labels, cardboard label labels and hang tags.

What is Cardboard Label, What Are Its Usage Areas?

We can say that cardboard label is the process of obtaining paper by processing FSC certified natural cellulose produced for paper production and taking the form of cardboard labels. Cardboard labels can be used in many areas where labels are used. It is mainly used in clothes, gloves and shoes. Cardboard labels go through many processes to gain durability. In this way, it maintains its form for a long time despite many items of washing. Our company has been operating in the sector for many years. With the experience of these years, we offer high-quality cardboard labels to our customers at the most affordable prices. You can also get our product samples by contacting us and experiencing our quality.

What are the Points to Consider When Using Cardboard Labels?

Our cardboard labels are in high demand thanks to the high quality papers we use. However, there are points to be considered in order to use our labels for a much longer period of time. These are pretty simple. We do not recommend washing our cardboard labels at high temperatures. We do not recommend the use of bleach during washing. We recommend that you keep our cardboard labels away from acidic environments that can corrode them. You can use our cardboard labels for many years as long as you avoid applications that could damage such paper.

What is our Quality Concept as Vintage Trimmings?

As a company, we closely follow the label technological developments in the sector. We apply these developments to our company as soon as possible. We are in favor of innovative, flexible and efficient production. We prioritize human health and carry out our production in this direction. We transfer our experience to our new employees and thus ensure continuity. We care about sustainability and take our steps in this direction. We put our reliability before financial interests and we do not make any concessions on this path, which we set out with an honest understanding. We care that our customers are happy…

You can also experience our quality with our “cardboard labels”, which are among the products of our company. You can get product samples, cardboard labels and price quotes by contacting our company. We can be your business partner with years of experience and self-confidence. You can visit our website to have more interest in us and to learn about our other products. You can use this address: “www.vintagetrimmings.com”.