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25 May 2022



What Are Woven Labels Made Of?

The first part of woven label manufacturing is graphic work. The graphic work prepared in line with the customer’s color size and quality preference is presented in the computer environment or with digital output. The pattern of the approved work is drawn. Depending on the customer’s request, a one-to-one sample is prepared. Woven labels can be beautified with polishing, glitter, and embossing applications during manufacturing. Woven labels can be produced in the desired color, size and shape. Of course, all these processes can only be achieved with the effort and meticulousness of professional staff. Woven labels are used to promote and advertise the product. There are various woven labels such as cotton, satin, scarf satin and taffeta.

Why Use Woven Labels?

Woven labels have more permanent features than other label types. These labels remain firmly on the product throughout the product’s lifetime. They have long-lasting use. It is also at the forefront in terms of shape, color and pattern. These labels, which advertise the product in the best way and represent the product, are an indispensable item for companies that attach importance to brand prestige and trust in their product. These labels direct the permanence of the product with its quality and durability.

What’s On Woven Labels?

Woven labels make the best promotion of the product with their different shapes and colors. The front of the woven labels usually includes the manufacturer, brand, model and, if any, the size or dimensions of the product. On the backside, there is usually the content of the material used in the production of the product and the washing recommendation of the product. Since it is a permanent type of label, it informs the product users on a long-term basis.

What is the Shape of Woven Labels?

Woven labels come in a variety of shapes including center fold, flat, edge fold, butterfly fold, and manhattan fold. The shape of the woven label, the colors and patterns to be used on it are determined within the preference of the brand. Woven labels containing completely brand-specific colors and designs should also be compatible with the cardboard label placed on the product.

How to Prepare Woven Labels?

For the production phase of the product, first of all, graphic studies are made and a presentation is made to the customer. If the customer likes the work done, a sample of the product is prepared. Depending on preference, grinding sim, embossing (embossing) can also be used on woven labels. The production phase of the product whose sample is approved is started and mass production is made. The finished labels are mounted on the company’s products.