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12 May 2022



What is the Purpose of Use of Leather Labels?

Leather labels have a different place among other label groups because they are completely natural. First of all, leather labels are of high quality, healthy and long-lasting. Leather labels, from the naturalness it has Therefore, it reflects the quality to its appearance and at the same time gives a luxurious atmosphere to the product it is used in. The label is mostly used in the clothing industry. Thanks to its long-lasting and durable It stays the same quality as long as you use it. Genuine Leather label tags; natural oils, dyes gets different. The leather label will gain a beautiful appearance as it ages and will become more aesthetically pleasing as it ages. will appear. Vintage Trimmings; by choosing the most natural and highest quality leathers with care, Our mission is to deliver labels to our customers.

Who Are We, What Kinds of Products Do We Offer?

Apart from leather labels, Vintage Trimmings also offers different products in line with the demands of our customers. It also produces labels and accessories made of materials. Capable of appealing to any brand Our products are in our stock. Among our product range; are genuine leather labels, artificial leather labels, Recycle jacron labels, cardboard labels, woven labels, printed tapes, metal buttons, snap fasteners, eyelets, metal labels, polyester, and natural buttons. in the industry Our experience exceeds 20 years. Many years of experience brought us both our products and You can contact us immediately to see it in our service…

Why Choose Us?

Vintage Trimmings is always in favor of innovation and improvement. However, the value of the classics is also aware. For this reason, we aim to reach perfection by providing a modern touch to the classics. we aim. We are in favor of sustainable solutions for a better future. Therefore sustainability is one of our most important company policies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, We strive to provide the most optimum service to our products and customers.

What are the global brands that we can show as a reference?

Inditex Group, Mango, Tendam, Just Brands, El Corte Ingles, The Sting, Lacoste, We Fashion, Chasin’39; and we are the approved label and accessory supplier of many international brands like this one. brands of our products We export them to every region in the world where it produces. Sustainable, produced using certified and tested natural and recycled resources Our products “Oeko-Tex”, “ITS”, “FSC” and “LWG” It has gold standards. Our company is ISO9001 management It also has the quality and ISO140001 environmental compatibility certificates. You can get an offer about our products and services by contacting our company.