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25 May 2022



Why Do We Need to Use Recyclable Labels?

The Vintage Trimmings brand stands out as a company that produces and sells textile accessories, aims to make a difference in today’s world with its environmentally friendly products as well as being completely organic, and continues on its way successfully by providing services for this purpose. It always aims to provide solution-oriented services by designing innovative and sustainable products and producing recyclable labels.

Vintage Trimmings Brand

Being environmentally friendly among its ethical values and providing quality service, it combines this service with the most economical prices and activates the understanding of quality cheapness service. It is a company that has succeeded in attracting attention with its activities where trust and satisfaction are kept in the foreground by providing guaranteed services as well as being of high quality in all its products.

Recyclable Labels

Considering the importance of recycling in today’s world, valuing all the resources we have and avoiding all kinds of services and products that will harm the environment are among the issues to be considered. Vintage Trimmings brand continues to make a difference in the production of high-quality and long-lasting accessories with low cost and minimum production of recyclable accessories. Recyclable labels, which are among the very economical and useful products, are among the healthy and high quality products in terms of both economic and environmental protection.

Woven Labels

Vintage Trimmings brand continues to make a difference with its woven labels. With the materials and threads used in the weaving looms, where magnificent productions take place, the opportunity to come up with wonderful labels also arises. In addition, the Vintage Trimmings brand produces high-resolution woven labels and environmentally friendly labels, as well as taffeta, using recycled yarns with the highest production capacity. It contributes positively to the use of long-lasting products by producing quality and durable labels for all kinds of washing processes.

All labels produced with the latest technology equipment stand out as the most important proof of the trust of quality and the brand. Among the production methods, there are many production methods such as flat cutting, laser cutting and folding. The Vintage Trimmings brand continues on its way to become a successful company all over the world in label production in the future.